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Ventless Gas Heaters-How Safe Is Your Heater

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If you are using ventless gas heaters in your home, you probably would have heard of many stories about the dangers of using these gas heaters. But why then would many people continue to install these vent free gas heaters if they posed a risk to the owners? Well this article reviews some of these incidents to find out more about whether there are any real dangers in using these gas heaters for the home. 

Are Your Ventless Gas Heaters As Safe As You Thought?

Incident: My son lives in our back yard guest house with a ventless gas heater. Twice this past week, he has gotten sick at night. Both times, he became congested and got chills even when it wasn’t that cold. Could this be caused by the heater?

Reply: If your son’s sickness coincides with nighttime use of a ventless gas heater, you should have your doctor examine him immediately for symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure. You should also have the gas company test the furnace for carbon monoxide emission. And regardless of their findings, you should replace the gas heater with one that is vented to the exterior. And be sure to install a carbon monoxide detector in the room where your son sleeps. (Barry Stone,Certified Home Inspector)

-> Ventless Gas Heater Causing Sickness

How Can You Make Your Vent Free Gas Fireplace Heaters Safe To Use

I have read many incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning in homes using gas fireplace heaters presumably ventless gas fireplaces. While we are not a certified home inspector like Barry Stone, many of these cases really were due to failure to observe safety precausions. Country City Hubpages shares some safety measures that must be taken:

Safety Reminder - The same basic safety rules apply for using a ventfree gas fireplace as they do when using a vented fireplace.

1 - never leave the ventree free gas fireplace unattended

2 - children should not be allowed to operate the fireplace

3 - and be sure to install smoke and gas detectors

Additionally she shares with us about a safety technology called an "Oxygen Detection Safety-pilot," or simply an ODS. The ODS can detect when oxygen levels are low and will automatically shut off the flame and the pilot.So if you are using a ventless gas fireplace do enquire if that gas heater model comes with this device or available in your state you lived. 

carbon monoxide detectorThe danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is very real and you should always take the right precaution like installing a carbon monoxide or smoke detector/alarm (left).

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is nicknamed the silent killer. It is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, toxic gas; it is undetectable by human senses. If there is CO in the air you breathe, it will enter your blood.

-> Vent Free Gas Fireplaces and Safety Precautions

Should You Use Vented or Ventless Gas Logs

According to Lowes gas company, there are a few factors that will determine your decision to shop for either vented gas logs or vent free gas logs (sometimes called ventless gas heaters) for your fireplace but vented ones tend to look more realistic and better simulated flame. But they tend to cater to looks rather than providing good heat for you. Ventfree logs on the other hand provide better heating since all of the heat that is produced stays indoors.

More importantly on safety precautions.. "Before installing any gas log system, check your local and state codes. In some areas, vent-free heaters are not permitted. Vent-free heaters are not permitted in bedrooms, bathrooms or recreational vehicles, and must be installed in an area where curtains, furniture, clothing or other flammable objects are at least 36 inches away from the perimeter of the heater. Vent-free heater installation is also not recommended in high traffic, windy or drafty areas."

-> Selecting Gas Logs For Your Home

So in these and many other cases, it can be seen that many people are still not aware of the safety precautions to take after they installed their ventless gas heaters or fireplaces. We hope that this short post helps to create some awareness of some of the important steps to take to continue using their ventless gas heaters safely for their family.


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