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Blue Flame Heater

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What is Blue Flame Heater and why it's everyone's choice of a home heater


A Blue Flame Heater falls within the few types of Gas Ventless Heaters like Radiant Heaters or Gas Logs heaters. Ventless gas heaters have the distinction o f using special burners that are exposed openly and one of the advantages is that less carbon monoxide is given off. The combustion process is simple as it takes in oxygen in the room to generate the required heat without using any of the outside air. This heat is vented back into the room and that is why it is called a ventless heater

A blue flame heater functions quite the same as a central heating system and uses propane gas or natural gas which is both quite efficient and easily available. Such heaters can heat up the room very quickly using the room oxygen for combustion. Blue flame heaters are therefore the preferred choice for most people who prefer an efficient heater in the house for a change while keeping the power bill expense quite manageable

The advantageous of using blue flame heater

1. eco-friendly because it uses natural gas or propane-great way to play your part to save the earth.

2. it’s cheaper compared to other types of heaters or wood fireplaces.

3. no external ducts required for chimney.

4. this heater has a build-in sensor that will indicate any oxygen depletion and automatically shuts itself off to ensure the safety requirement of this heater is not compromised..

5. it has aesthetic appeal too and has various colors to choose from and different styles to match your surrounding premises..

6. it’s portable which means you can move your blue flame heater to whichever room that needs heat unlike a fireplace which is at a fixed place. It’s useful when you don’t need it the whole year round, just for the cold freezing winter.

7. Natural gas or propane gas is easily available and refilling it is easy..

8. There is no smoke produced from using a blue flame heater and as a result, it’s a more healthy choice for a heater in the home

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